Overall, if you need an essential chatbot plugin that works well for your site, My Chatbot is the best choice to consider. The plugin gives you plenty of options to design the chatbot to fit with your targets and brand. The plugin lets you choose the pages and posts where you want your visitors to see the chatbot.


The prices of all the plans are listed according to their Billing duration. If you find monthly fees off-putting with live chat plugins, look no further than the Live Chat Unlimited. A free subscription with Zendesk Chat allows one chat agent to handle unlimited chats, though restricted to one at a time. If your website is small, this live chat plugin may well suffice. To respond to visitor messages, simply access the external Zopim Dashboard – if you want to access chats on the go, you can install a dedicated Android or iPhone app, too.


Many best chatbot for wordpresss this feature is in place to help funnel visitor queries to the proper team member’s live chat to maximize efficiency. This type of chat solution is programmed with deep learning so it can better adapt to conversation and sound more human-like in response to certain trigger keywords and requests. You’re not as likely to see them around the web because they use more advanced technology. It responds immediately and provides multiple answer choices for users to select from.

Is WP-chatbot free?

The free version is designed for 3 users. It also includes unlimited chat with 100 visitors per month with the WordPress chatbot. The live chat with the 3 users is unlimited.

To set up a bot on the website, the users have the option to use the free WordPress plugin provided by MobileMonkey which enables the FB messenger chat option on the website. Users who haven’t logged in with FB could see a native chatbot. With theirOmni chat desktop & mobile app, all could happen easily. But if you want to send auto-replies, when you are not online. I suggest the Tidio live premium plans which started from $32.50 per month. Although there is a chatbot feature available in the free plan, it is limited to only 100 unique visitors per month.

Does the ChatBot work with Google’s DialogFlow V2

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to integrate a chatbot into your services. Chatbot tools and services are designed to help business owners like you who can’t integrate the chatbot themselves. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert to use such a handy tool. BankbotAnd adding this chatbot to a WordPress site is as easy as installing the Watson Assistant plugin and customizing the settings to match your preferences.

  • Want to know what your chatbots are up to in real-time?
  • The most important goal for any lead-based company’s website is collecting information your sales team can use to contact new prospects.
  • Advanced search algorithm for natural language phrase matching with user input.
  • There are three premium plans to choose from with prices ranging from $15 to $39 per month.
  • Similarly, if a visitor leaves the chat, you can continue the conversation via email.
  • Simple chatbot creator software to create industry-specific chatbots.

The support made all the difference for me, very happy with the overall result. Yes, currently the ChatBot works both with Dialogflow version 1 and 2. The WhiteLabel AddOn allows you to replace the QuantumCloud Logo and QuantumCloud branding with yours.


Then it aids you to increase your inbound leads by 200% via live chat. It too provides an app, so that you can respond from anywhere. WP-Chatbot Builder is one of the finest WordPress Chatbot plugins that add a Facebook Messenger widget to your WordPress website. By using this Messenger Chatbot plugin, you can design and set up your own personal messenger chatbot to automate interactions between your website and its visitors. The Omni Chat mobile app which brings all inboxes (Facebook, Web Chat & SMS) into one place is available for both Android and iPhone users. You can set up one chatbot funnel for all platforms at once.

You get access to a simplified chatbot builder, and users can ask to be ‘handed off’ to a live agent. Plus, it handles changes in topics gracefully, at least for a robot. IBM Watson Assistant is one of the most interesting chatbot options you can use for your website. In a nutshell, Watson can integrate with a multitude of popular services, including Slack and Messenger. You can also connect the assistant with Internet of Things devices, to build chatbots that can genuinely double as assistants.

Chat With Sales

Many of the inquiries a service-based company’s support team receives are about details specific to their projects and accounts. And you can make the most of this content by “training” a chatbot to direct visitors straight to the resources that are relevant to their interests and questions. For example, Drift uses its Driftbot to automatically route visitors to the appropriate person for their needs. Chatbot exampleThen, after the user clicks “Let’s get started! First, the bot tells the user that they’ll need to answer a few questions to verify that they’re eligible for solar installation and to receive a free quote.

Can you send messages with WordPress?

The answer is yes. You can easily send text messages to your website users by using one of the many SMS plugins for WordPress. In this article, we'll show you how to send SMS messages to your WordPress users, step by step.

Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top chatbot plugins for WordPress. Besides that, it also works as an assistant to your agent in their console itself. This is where they will try to understand the incoming questions and recommend answers to the agents.

Zoho Sales IQ

Compared to the others in the list of WordPress chatbot plugins, Artibot has a cheaper pro plan, albeit with reduced features. The Virtual Spirits Chatbot is highly adaptable and easy to use. Its intuitive dashboard allows you to set the chatbot and customize the settings effortlessly.

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